Accounting experts in South JerseyIf you are anything like me, choosing an accountant in South Jersey is very personal thing. It’s right up there with finding a hair stylist, dentist and doctor. They all “know things” that even some of your closest friends may not. So where do you start if you’re a small- to medium-size business owner in need of an accountant  in South Jersey? Here are five tips to help get your search under way:

1. Make sure they are qualified

These days, just about anyone can hang up a shingle and claim to be an expert, so make sure you do your homework when shopping for accounting services. Your accounting firm should employ Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and be members in professional organizations like the American Institute of CPAs, the National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives, and more.

Expertise, affordability and personal service

One example of an accounting firm in South Jersey that has all of these qualifications and more is Preziosi Nicholson & Associates. They are conveniently located in the Glassworks Office Complex in Millville, NJ, and have built its reputation on providing clients with the expertise of a national accounting firm and the affordability and personal service of a local firm.

2. Make sure needs and services match

Most accounting firms offer basic tax and auditing services. Depending on the size and scope of your business, you may need much more than that. When interviewing firms, it’s important to discuss your business needs in detail – and then make sure they have the services to match. A great accountant will go beyond compliance issues to understand your overall objectives both now and in the future. That’s one thing that the accountants at Preziosi Nicholson are known for doing – and doing well.

Service above and beyond

Preziosi Nicholson & Associates believes in the value of going above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to meeting customer needs. Their expertise spans accounting and auditing, tax planning and preparation, new business set-ups and a broad range of other business issues.

Here are a few examples of their services:

make sure accounting services match your needsAccounting and Auditing: Their focus here is on preparing your Financial Statement. Along the way, they look for areas that may be improved and make suggestions. Their clients can count on receiving a professionally conducted audit and simultaneous review of their tax, operational and business problems. They also help with audits of employee benefit and 401(k) plans, preparation of forecasts and projections, and monthly financial statement preparation.

Tax Planning and Compliance: In addition to working with clients to prepare all forms in compliance with federal, state and local tax laws, Preziosi Nicholson professionals also put their creativity to work finding ways to legally reduce existing tax burdens.

Business Consulting: By taking the time to get to know their clients and business needs, Preziosi Nicholson helps chart a course for meeting them. Their clients are always top of mind as they continuously look for ways to improve the efficiency of regular tasks and procedures.

3. Check References

You’d never think of hiring an employee without checking their references first, right? Of course. The same holds true when hiring an accounting firm in New Jersey, or wherever you may live. The process may be a little different, but it’s all about making sure they deliver what they promise. One way to do this is to review their client list and make a few inquiries. You may also want to check with other professionals that you deal with, like your attorney or banker. Chances are, you’ll find out everything you need to know.

Reviews and testimonials

Taking a look at reviews and testimonials is another way to get a feel for a new firm. These are commonly found on company websites, social media platforms and via Google Reviews. Here are two testimonials from Preziosi Nicholson & Associates clients.

“Preziosi • Nicholson & Associates have proven an invaluable source of financial knowledge and expertise.”
– Michael Levin, President of Hahnemann Apothecary, Inc.
(Outpatient Pharmacy at Hahnemann University Hospital)

“Preziosi • Nicholson takes our complex financial issues and resolves them with integrity, efficiency and professionalism.”
– John Ruga, President of Northeast Precast LLC,  Millville, NJ

4. Assess technical know-how

South Jersey accounting firms need technical know-howIn today’s day and age, technical know-how is a must. Your accounting firm should know their way around the most advanced technology and programs available to help manage your finances. This is especially important if you are counting on them to recommend a software package for your use.

5. Consider personality traits

Let’s face it. More than half the battle these days is finding professionals that you genuinely like. That may not be that important when selecting a plumber or electrician, but it’s pretty major when selecting an accounting firm. You and your leadership team will be spending a lot of time with your accounting team, so make sure you factor in personality when making your decision.

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