When it is time to look for an accountant, you want one who not only can help you save money and avoid potential trouble with the IRS, but also provide useful information for your household or your business. We tend to think of accountants as numbers people, but a good accountant does more than just figure the numbers.

“A good accountant will communicate what the numbers mean to their clients”

Here are 10 key questions to ask before hiring an accountant.

1. What kind of clients do you work with?

You want to make sure your accountant understands your needs and your type of business. At Preziosi • Nicholson & Associates PA, we work with individuals and businesses of all sizes. We have the staff and the ability to perform all levels of accounting for our clients. We pride ourselves as being one of South Jersey’s most professional accounting firms in the area.

2. Are you available year round?

Some tax service firms shut their doors after April 15 and only reopen the following year. At Preziosi • Nicholson & Associates PA, we understand that you are going to need professional help all year round. We understand that problems come up throughout the year and we are available to help our clients work through them.

3. What’s your experience with the IRS?

Not only does Preziosi • Nicholson & Associates PA have experience working with the IRS and IRS agents, we also have experience and relationships with various state agencies. Our professionals are state certified and have advanced degrees in taxation. We have worked with clients through all levels of federal and state examinations.

4. Who will be doing the work?

Accountants often outsource work to a third party. Not at Preziosi • Nicholson & Associates PA. We develop relationships with our clients that last year after year. Our professionals get to know and understand each client and our clients like the consistency of working with the same person each year.

5. Are you a conservative or more aggressive accountant?

At Preziosi • Nicholson & Associates PA you will work with highly trained professional that will maximize your deductions and minimize your tax liability. Our professionals are continually educating themselves on the current and ever changing tax issues. We utilize our knowledge with the tax code to put our clients in the best tax position possible.

6. How do you bill for your services?

Some clients prefer to be billed hourly and some clients prefer to be billed a flat fee. Regardless of the billing approach, we will give you a quote for all of our services prior to the engagement.

7. How do you handle working with multiple entities?

If you have more than one entity under your name, be sure the accountant you hire can manage them simultaneously – a skill not all accountants possess. Preziosi • Nicholson & Associates PA will have no problems managing the accounting for all your entities. We work with clients that have multiple LLCs, rental properties, partnerships, corporations and various other entities.

8. What can you tell me about the medical expense reimbursement plan?

This question may seem technical, but not all accountants will know about this plan. Preziosi • Nicholson & Associates PA has professionals that are well versed in maximizing all deductions that can save you and your business money.

9. What tax program do you use?

You might not choose an accountant based on the tax program they use, but it is a good detail to ask about. At Preziosi • Nicholson & Associates PA our professionals are highly experienced with all the small business accounting software. We also have professional accounting software that allows the firm access to all federal and state forms and publications.

10. How often will you communicate tax issues?

Communication of tax issues are a primary goal of Preziosi • Nicholson & Associates PA. We communicate tax issues through our web site, social medial and personal communications with our client.

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Eugene G. Taormina MS CPA