Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays of the year for couples who want to celebrate their romance and have a bit of fun. To ensure that you have a fun February 14 without breaking the bank, here are a few ways to enjoy the day with your significant other and stay within your budget.

Make a Meal at Home

Instead of spending big bucks to dine at a fancy restaurant and fight the crowds, you can enjoy making a lavish dinner at home that includes seafood, steak, and a sweet treat for dessert. Create a candlelit dinner        that is romantic with rose petals that decorate the dining table and soft music playing in the background. You can even complete the night by slow dancing in your living room on a private dance floor that allows you to reconnect in the comfort of your home.

Make Handmade Gifts

Cards, flowers, and Teddy bears can be expensive when you want to give your partner a romantic gift that they’ll love. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to show how much you care, opt for a few handmade gifts that will prove to be affordable and sentimental. You can make a handmade card and pair it with a jewelry item that incorporates their favorite colors or jewels. Make a coupon book that allows your spouse to feel pampered and is free to make. Coupons might include doing the dishes, giving a massage, and having a picnic.

When you want to give a gift that symbolizes your relationship, opt for putting ticket stubs or photos in a shadow box that allows you both to reflect on your time together in a framed box that can be put on display in the home. Your significant other will feel valued and can be reminded of your love each time they take notice of the box.

Hit the Ice Skating Rink

Those who want to celebrate their love on Valentine’s Day but are on a budget can go ice skating for an hour on a local rink that will allow you to get up close and personal, according to Bring your own skates to save more on rentals and take a break to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa to have a bit of fun and feel like kids again.

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