Operating a business in an environmentally responsible manner has a number of benefits. In addition to doing your part to save the planet, you’re also showing your employees and customers that you’re a good citizen of the earth. And you can save money in the process! Here are just a few ways that putting green initiatives in place can save your business money.

Save on Office Supplies

There are a number of reasons why businesses decide to go paper-free (or as paper-free as possible). These include increased security, enhanced accessibility of documents, and direct cost savings. The less you print, the less you spend on paper, toner and ink. When you switch to digital document storage and distribution, you reduce your business’s consumption of resources.

You can also save on office supplies like paper cups, disposable cutlery, and paper towels by using washable and reusable items. Are you buying cases of plastic water bottles for your employees? Install a water cooler instead, and encourage workers to fill their own reusable water bottles from it.

Reduce Waste

Everything you throw away represents a financial loss, since you paid for it before you tossed it, and you pay to get rid of it as well. Whether it’s the scrap between stamped metal parts or the trimmings of fat from a steak, there are economies to be had in minimizing what you discard. Often, a change in production methods can reduce the amount of scrap – for example, by nesting parts differently on the raw material. And look for ways to sell, or at least recycle, what you can’t use, to minimize the amount that you pay to truck to a landfill.

Make It a Company Effort

Does your business have extra land? Consider creating a company garden, with incentives for employees to grow their own food. The exercise they get from gardening, not to mention the fresh vegetables they grow, will contribute to their physical and mental health – and you know that’s good for you as an employer. Get employees directly involved in other initiatives such as recycling bottles and paper and finding ways to reduce heating and air conditioning usage. At the same time that this reduces resource consumption, it engenders team spirit.

Tax Breaks and Government Grants

Various federal and state programs offer grants, tax credits, and other incentives to businesses for adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. These include installing energy-saving equipment, construction of energy-efficient buildings, installation of solar panels and other clean-energy technology, adopting waste-minimization measures, and making use of waste and recycled products in manufacturing. It makes sense to confer with an accountant any time you plan to purchase new equipment, change processes, add a new building or modify an existing one, because there are dozens of such programs in effect, and the rules for qualifying change frequently. 

Better PR

Being environmentally friendly is a promotable quality in a company. You can tell your customers about your green initiatives in person, on Facebook, through your newsletter or blog and elsewhere. (Several studies have shown that customers prefer to do business with environmentally responsible companies.) It also makes your company more attractive to employees, improving morale and enhancing your recruiting efforts.

When you go green in your office, you are creating an environment that is enjoyable for your staff, kind to our planet, and easy on your budget. If you have questions about implementing money-saving programs at your office in the Millville, NJ, area, please contact us.